Vincent Thomas Short - Creative Bankruptcy With Inaccurate Aesthetic (Excerpts from Layer Effects)

I wanted to make a video that felt like the creation of the album. This is the result.

Lost in a never-ending drought of imagination? Can't come up with new ideas no matter how hard you try? Feeling like everything you do is terrible and constantly having starting from scratch? Layer Effects is for you. This album is designed to nurture your inventiveness. Each track is designed to inspire creativity in the listener through a scientific layering of instrumentation to create an artistic oasis. These hypnotic loops break down creative build ups in the body. Allowing you to be free to produce whatever artistic intent your imagination can think up. In between tracks you can find additional exercises in refreshing creativity. Our narrator teaches you tips on managing your breath and clearing your mind. These segments are 99.9% proven to maybe help improve creativity in some people.

Featuring Darko The Super and Slap Serif
Starring Boone Cavender as the Narrator

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